October 18th, 2015

green little review

Poem for Sunday, Homestead Farm and Riley's Lock

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Our car is back in its spot in front of the house, but although we've had lines painted for the spots in our parking lot, they haven't painted the reserved space numbers and they didn't bother to blow the leaves first so there are weird leaf-shaped spaces in the lines. This wouldn't bother me much except that I bet they make us move our cars all over again so they can finish and fix it.

Oh well, the weather remained gorgeous, though much cooler, so after lunch we went on a drive to Poolesville to see leaves. We also went to Homestead Farm to get a pumpkin and to see the animals, which would have been a delight except the thumb grip fell off the back of my camera and we couldn't find it after half an hour of looking. I think I have to ship the whole camera back to Nikon for this one little part.

Anyway, we went to Riley's Lock to walk along the canal, where we saw changing leaves, plus ducks and herons. We stopped at a food store, moved the cars back to their usual spots, had pasta for dinner and watched Doctor Who, which was fun but very silly (baaad history) as well as The Last Kingdom (which was less silly but less fun). Soon, though, we get the BBC Rocky Horror reunion!

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