November 12th, 2015


Poem for Thursday and New Kittens

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Remember these kittens that Heather found on her porch? They are currently upstairs asleep (or maybe not asleep) in Daniel's bedroom. The foster mom, Christina, hadn't had any luck finding someone to adopt them because she really felt they should stay together as a pair -- since they were bottle-fed by a human since they were very young, they bonded with her and with each other, and they aren't staying with her -- so although originally I'd thought we would keep one kitten and Heather the other, Christina brought them both here and while Daisy is highly indignant and hid for a while, everyone seems fine so far!

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We are naming the feisty one Katniss and the wary one Effie. They both have very loud purrs and are completely adorable. I know we were meant to have these kittens because my neighbor Rose, who lost her cat two days ago and had no idea that we were considering getting kittens, emailed to say that she wanted to give us her cat's brand new cat bed, toys, and cans of food since Adam was such a friend to her cat. She and her boyfriend came over tonight with everything and played with the kittens, so everyone is happier! I only half-watched Nashville and a show on geology because I was distracted but it's all good!