November 15th, 2015

green little review

Poem for Sunday, Lake Needwood, Meadowside

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Saturday had gorgeous sunny weather, so after a morning reading the news (sad) and playing with cats (happy), we had lunch and went to two of the county parks through which Rock Creek runs -- Lake Needwood, where we saw woodpeckers, dancing squirrels, and a deer, and Meadowside Nature Center, where we saw the raptors and reptiles inside and walked along the creek as the sun was starting to go down. Four pics of each:

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This evening we put the kittens in carriers so we could put them in the living room and let them and the cats get used to each other, but the kittens were unhappy with how confined they were, so tomorrow we're borrowing a big cage from a friend. They weren't impressed with this week's Doctor Who but neither was I. The Last Kingdom was actually more engaging, but Uhtred has to stop making dumb decisions!