November 21st, 2015


Poem for Saturday and Homestead Farm

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My house is full of miniature attack demons who come flying out of nowhere and pounce, swat and hiss at all longtime residents. Worse, it is no longer to confine them to just the upstairs because Effie has discovered that she can go flying over the barrier and down the stairs, meaning that unless we lock them in one room, which probably signifies doom for that room, they have the full run of the house at all times. Poor Cinnamon may never stop yowling!

Apart from posting a review of Voyager's "Meld", the highlights of my day included a trip to Petco to get more kitty litter, a stop at Target to pick up Adele's album with their three exclusive bonus tracks, and dinner at my parents' house. Later we watched Maryland beat Rider and Michigan lose to Xavier, then caught up on Thursday's Sleepy Hollow with all its lovely Ichabbie and Mills Sisters. Some photos from harvest season at Homestead Farm last month:

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