November 26th, 2015

green little review

Poem for Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving! I spent Wednesday morning working on a review of Voyager's "Dreadnought" so I don't have to work on Friday (even on a rewatch, when Chakotay was saying "I'm not leaving you!", what he meant was, "I love you!"). We all had a complicated lunch trying to keep two kittens off of three bagels. Then after a bunch of other chores, we drove to College Park, where we picked up Adam to bring home for the long weekend (we gave Christine a ride too).

We stopped at D.P. Dough for calzones to bring home for dinner and Christine played with the kittens while we ate. Then, after Adam drove her home, we watched Starter for 10, which has an entire generation of British actors in its cast (McAvoy, Corden, Hall, Tate, Cumberbatch, Cooper, et al). It's a very blokey story but well-acted and has an awesome soundtrack. We also watched a bit of a special on Einstein, but scientist son declared it mediocre, so now we're bonding over nuColbert!

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