December 4th, 2015

green little review

Poem for Friday, The Wiz, Brookside Summer

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I have little to report from my Thursday except beautiful weather, cat herding, and The Wiz - the latter a nostalgic experience for me since my entire sixth grade put on a one-hour version of it, and I talked to several of those people on Facebook during the show. Mostly my day involved chore-related activities but I think I am mostly caught up from before Thanksgiving.

I managed to time my walk with the sunset, and it was right around 50 degrees, so a few bunnies were out. The Wiz was quite enjoyable; I saw the touring Broadway company a hundred thousand years ago and the Diana Ross movie nearly as long ago, so I couldn't tell whether some of the lyrics had been updated or I was just misremembering. Since I am nostalgic for growing things, summer in Wheaton:

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