December 7th, 2015


Poem for Monday and Mount Vernon

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I spent most of a very lovely Sunday at Mount Vernon with Paul and Annmarie, who had never been. We saw the introductory films, had lunch in the cafe, toured the house (including the top floor, which is open only in the winter), and walked all around the gardens and farm, including a visit to the grave site. We got to see the blacksmith and geese in the Potomac River, and there were sheep, pigs, cows, and horses out despite the season, plus the annual Christmas camel visit!

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We said goodbye after a visit to the shops and stopped at the Krispy Kreme off Route 1 for sufganiyot -- I also had a coupon for a free birthday doughnut and they let me have hot chocolate instead of coffee -- then we came home for dinner here with my parents for the first night of Chanukah. We watched the unhappy end of the Patriots game and Obama's speech before my parents headed home and we watched Once Upon a Time, then the Pittsburgh game, which is not going well for the Colts!