December 15th, 2015

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Countryside Artisans

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December is still missing in action, but we're having a very nice late-year April. There were some buds on the trees and some moths flying outside our windows at night. It was drizzly at times and raining by evening, but I managed to get out while the weather was cooperating to walk and to pick up a couple of desk organizers at The Container Store. Now I can see my lava lamps while I work!

The only accomplishments I have to report are that the laundry is half done and the holiday mailing is 9/10 ready (the cards are all ready to go, the packages have to be finished). We watched Supergirl, which was awesome on the girl power this week, and the Adele concert, which was just awesome. Countryside Artisans Niswander, Something Earthy, Art of Fire, Dancing Leaf, and the sky:

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