December 29th, 2015


Poem for Tuesday, Ex Machina, Winter Lights

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I had a lot of chores to do Monday but it was still a nice day, both in terms of the weather, which was cool and damp but not too wet for an afternoon walk, and in terms of the entertainment, which was the last two episodes of The Man in the High Castle with Adam in the afternoon while we were taking turns doing laundry, plus some college bowl games (congratulations Navy) and Monday Night Football. Adam's girlfriend visited him in the evening before leaving for the beach.

Around that, we all watched Ex Machina, which was a much better movie than I was expecting -- not really so thoughtful about artificial intelligence, which was why we watched it, as about female bodies under patriarchy (a number of ranting reviews miss the point; if you want to argue about how bodies of color are fetishized, that's fair, though I also think the film is trying to draw real-world parallels in terms of relative privilege). Some more photos from the Gaithersburg light display:

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