January 2nd, 2016


Poem for Saturday, Virginia Science, Lewis Ginter

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We spent New Year's Day in Richmond with Adam and Cheryl, first at India K'Raja, then at the Science Museum of Virginia, then at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. At the museum, we got to pet a snake, watch rats play basketball, test our balance and sense of hearing, see a planetarium show in which Neil deGrasse Tyson explained dark energy, and visit Alien Worlds and Androids where we got to hang out with R2-D2, C-3PO, Iron Man, and several other movie stars.

At the gardens, we got to see Richmond as a model train display, walk under rainbows, visit an undersea garden exhibit, and look at thousands of holiday lights. We missed a big chunk of The Abominable Bride while driving home so I'm looking to see when Sherlock repeats. Hope everyone is having a nice New Year's weekend so far!

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