January 6th, 2016


Poem for Wednesday, Galavant, Meadowside

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Tuesday was the coldest day in the DC region since some time last winter. I did not do anything exciting outdoors, other than walk from the car to the food store and from the car to the liquor store (don't get excited, it was mostly for my neighbor, though we did get some $6 sangria which we had with dinner). Adam went out to lunch with my mother while Paul and I caught up on Sunday's season premiere of Galavant, which was fantastic.

We were all going to watch a movie in the evening but we went to visit the neighbor with the wine, so we ended up just hanging out before Limitless, which came back superbly -- I don't always think Bradley Cooper is all that good in movies, including the one that precedes this show, but he's amazing as the same character a few years down the road -- part charming, part horrible, never predictable. Since it feels like winter, here are some wintry pics from Meadowside:

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