January 13th, 2016

green little review

Poem for Wednesday, Joy, Hirshhorn

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Missed the State of the Union Skyping with Daniel about things like taxes and travel, missed the rebuttal catching up on Madam Secretary which we figured would have politics closer to our own, so I will keep this short. It was a quiet day anyway, apart from going with Adam to see Joy, which is one of the most joyless movies I've ever seen and makes The Martian seem appropriate in the Golden Globes comedy category along with Joy. Lawrence gives a fine performance but I think she smiles more in The Hunger Games.

Last weekend, when we saw Marvelous Objects, the surrealist sculpture exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum, we were disappointed that some of the Modernist creations intended by their designers to be interactive -- like the one with the shot glasses attached to a suit coat -- were now fetishized behind glass or DO NOT TOUCH signs, but we found a side exhibit inviting museum guests to create surrealist sculptures out of various objects, which could then be projected onto a big screen nearby. Here is mine, entitled Factory Farm:

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