January 22nd, 2016

get critical

Poem for Friday, Blackhat, Orchids

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Thursday was Adam's last day of winter break; he was supposed to move back on Saturday, but because of the impending massive historic snowstorm that's supposed to start on Friday afternoon, the school is asking students either to move in Friday morning before the storm or to wait till Sunday afternoon when the roads will be cleared, and since classes start Monday morning, he prefers to leave early (particularly since Christine is already there and the dining services will resume tomorrow evening). He's already bought textbooks and wants to get a head start on his reading.

Because of this schedule change, we went to Minerva for Indian food for lunch, stopped in Target for school supplies, and had dinner with my parents, to whom Adam explained -- along with me -- the purpose of complex numbers. Since Adam had already packed his laptop and most of his belongings by late evening, he watched Blackhat with us, which was not great but I thought was better than its reviews, though I may be biased because it has Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis. Since Friday may be a blizzard whiteout for most of the east coast, have some orchid color from the US Botanical Garden:

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