February 15th, 2016

green little review

Poem for Monday and Chinese New Year

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Except for cats, my house is now very quiet because Daniel has landed in Seattle and Adam is in College Park though classes have already been canceled for Monday in anticipation of the several inches of snow we're supposed to get overnight. So we are planning a very quiet Presidents' Day, since it looks unlikely we're going to get very far. We took Daniel to the airport on Sunday morning, then went to Lakeforest Mall for the last day of the annual Lunar New Year festivities, where we got to see the lion dance. We came home for lunch since we had lots of Chinese food leftovers.

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In the late afternoon, we went to see Hail, Caesar, which isn't the Coen brothers' best but we thought it was really well done and very funny, which seemed to be the consensus of the crowd in our packed theater. It's full of stereotypes in fitting with its era; I'm not sure that revisionist history to make Hollywood look more diverse really does the industry any favors, even if it provides work for more diverse performers. It's probably not the best moment to parody the blacklist, though. We spent the evening watching the BAFTAs (meh) and now Adele in London (always awesome).