March 1st, 2016

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Poem for Tuesday, Eddie the Eagle, Shenandoah Sights

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I spent another very nice day with Cheryl, this time on my side of the Potomac River. We watched some Robin of Sherwood, then went to a late morning showing of Eddie the Eagle since she hadn't seen it and I was more than happy to see it again for all the same reasons I loved it last time (Hugh, Taron, '80s music, winter sports, good sense of humor, underdog Eddie himself).

After the movie, we had a late lunch -- Mirch Masala because we were in the mood for Indian food -- took a walk around the neighborhood (bunnies were hiding but chipmunks were out) and watched Mad Max, which Cheryl also hadn't seen. After she had to go home, Paul and I caught the return of Blindspot. Some more photos of things we saw Sunday around the Shenandoah Valley museum and the national park:

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