March 6th, 2016


Poem for Sunday and Phillips Collection

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We had really nice weather on Saturday, so after lunch, we went downtown with my parents to the Phillips Collection to see Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterworks from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection, a gorgeous collection of European and American art from the past several centuries, including Brueghel the Younger's Five Senses paintings and artistic descendants of Turner from both the Impressionist and Hudson River schools. We also walked through most of the permanent collection.

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After a stop at home to feed the cats and a walk to see the bunnies, we went with my parents to Blaze Pizza (feta and gorgonzola mmmmm). Then we came home, watched some Bones on DVD and Yanni's Live at the Pyramids concert on PBS, and now we're watching Saturday Night Live wrap up a week in political news that if it had been written as a parody or an Aaron Sorkin show, I'd have called over the top and ridiculous. In great news, Adam was inducted into the Mortar Board honor society!