March 16th, 2016


Greetings from Hollywood

There are not many perfect fangirl days in life. Tuesday was one for me. We started at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Grauman's Chinese Theatre (yes I may have molested Russell Crowe's and Colin Firth's stars and stuck my hands in Hugh Jackman's and Daniel Radcliffe's prints), plus the Hollywood and Highland Center with its views of the Hollywood sign in the nearby hills, not to mention a Game of Thrones' dragon. We bought some very cheesy souvenirs but managed to avoid giving money to the tour guides, costumed performers, mix tape distributors, and Mr. Muscle.

Then we went on the Warner Bros Studio Tour, which I truly can't recommend highly enough; right now some of the highlights are things of particular interest to me, like the multiple Harry Potter exhibits on display (yes I did pose with Alan Rickman's costume, get Sorted, and take a green screen ride on a broom) and the collections of Batman paraphernalia from many eras, plus a number of buildings still painted from filming Hail Caesar and a bookstore set currently in use by Pretty Little Liars, but just seeing the backlot and prop shop are worth the price of admission.

We had a very late picnic at nearby Riverside Park, which has daisies and azaleas in bloom and butterflies and sparrows flying around. Then we went to Occidental College to visit Isabel, my eldest niece, who gave us a tour of the campus (also a fannish site as the "Vulcan" fountain from the end of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock is there, plus many locations from Clueless and other films). We drove the long way back to the Valley to avoid traffic and see the mountains, grabbed veggie burgers at the local grocery store, and ate while watching Agents of SHIELD and Limitless!

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