March 23rd, 2016

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Point Dume Sea Lions

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I am still not even close to caught up! But I did have a nice Tuesday, despite the news, in the gorgeous spring weather we're having right now. I went to lunch at Tara Thai with Kay, with whom I've been trying to make plans for weeks but we both had a lot going on, then I walked around Washingtonian Lake to talk to the geese and stopped in Target to get the deluxe edition Mockingjay Part Two blu-ray, plus some birthday stuff for Paul.

I'm trying to decide what kind of laptop should replace the one that erased all my settings the night before we left for L.A. -- if I have to reconfigure from scratch and lose an entire day, I'm not doing it on my son's old laptop that lived for two years in my parents' garage. Suggestions welcome (though comments about how Macs are better will be deleted; I've had them, relatives have them, I'm not impressed by what I can't get even for all that money).

We caught up on Elementary -- the superhero episode, which was a delight in every way, from Holmes having to acknowledge that consultants might have something in common with caped vigilantes to Watson telling Morland all the things he can't get by her -- and watched the new Flash (okay), Agents of SHIELD (knew it was coming but leaves the show less fun for me), and Limitless (Bradley Cooper, you're a bad man). Look, Point Dume sea lions!

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