March 24th, 2016

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Japanese Garden

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My Wednesday was a little crazy because Adam needed a check from us as a deposit for housing next year, so we had to run over to College Park with it, but we weren't sure what time this would be happening because it was dependent on his meeting schedule with his future roommates. I had early dinner plans with Karen but ended up postponing them, so after work and chores and a quick walk to see neighborhood flowers and bunnies in the gorgeous weather, we drove to meet Adam at the student union, where he grabbed the check and went off to his meeting while Paul and I had a quick dinner without him!

At least I got to eat at Moby Dick's House of Kabob, which is as close to celebrating Purim as I'm going to get since we ate all our hamantaschen before we went to L.A. I finished a Shutterfly photo book before my free coupon expired at midnight and sent it off to the people for whom it was intended. We missed the beginning of Arrow, but we caught up on Sleepy Hollow (not enough Abbie or Ichabod, still) and watched the new Nashville (not enough music, though at least Will and Maddie finally got decent storylines). Thursday is Paul's birthday! From the Japanese Garden at the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant a.k.a. Starfleet Academy:

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