April 9th, 2016


Poem for Saturday, Future's End Part II, University Honors

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It's been a very up and down Friday. Happily, we got to go see Adam receive his Honors College citation in College Park -- the culmination of two years in the university honors program, we went with my mother while my father was teaching a seminar, and we sat with Christine, who saved us seats. We all went to Azteca for dinner afterward. (I'd posted my review of "Future's End, Part II" beforehand.)

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But the rest of the day was pretty awful. Paul's father had a stroke at the rehab center where he's been recuperating from his broken hip. He was unconscious for several hours and it's not clear how extensive the damage might be, though he was awake this evening and trying to communicate, which is good news. Paul's youngest brother Jon is arriving tomorrow and we'll have a lot to try to figure out.