April 20th, 2016

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Brookside Tulips

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On Tuesday I stopped at the library and at Michael's (50% off coupon good for three hours only), and took a walk and saw a bunny plus lots of azaleas! And that was most of the excitement, unless you count very helpful cats who got involved in all my chores. Our power flickered off and on for just long enough to turn off the computers and knock off all the clocks, some of which have not yet been reset.

It was a busy genre TV night: The Flash, which was okay (needs more women talking about things other than their crushes), Agents of SHIELD, which I really enjoyed (I know I should not hate That Character but she's so annoying that when she's evil I gloat), then Limitless (please, CBS, renew this show, it's well-scripted and funny and the women are awesome). Since spring is so lovely, Brookside Gardens tulips:

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