April 21st, 2016

green little review

Poem for Thursday and McCrillis Azaleas

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Wednesday we had an exciting thing happen! Our plumber came for our annual inspection and said our pipes looked pretty good! Well, except the downstairs sink, which has ongoing drip issues that would cost a lot to fix, and the tub in the kids' bathroom upstairs, ditto, but nothing was exploding so knock wood that's all good. In other words, not a lot that was exciting happened.

I did get some work done and watched this week's Voyager episode ("The Q and the Grey" -- not as sexy as Colbert's version last night), and in the late afternoon, since our whole neighborhood is in bloom, we went to see the azaleas at McCrillis Gardens. Evening TV included Nature's episode about beavers and this week's Nashville, in which as usual everyone behaved like a teenager!

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