May 8th, 2016

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Poem for Sunday and Captain America: Civil War

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On Saturday we got up, got organized, said hello to the bunny in our next door neighbor's yard, and went to College Park to pick up Adam so that we could all go see Captain America: Civil War together with a bunch of friends. We spotted goslings behind the Comcast Center, though we couldn't find any up close when we walked around the lake at Washingtonian looking for them after seeing a family from the garage. We hung out in line with Karen and Jim, Angela, Lena and Jack, and Katie for at least an hour before the very crowded movie.

No spoilers, but I loved pretty much everything about Civil War. The action sequences never went on too long and never felt gratuitous; one was filled with a lot of humor, mostly focused on two characters whose roles I hadn't expected to be so large, while another was extremely emotional and though it was brutal to watch, it made complete sense for where the characters were. Given that it was a film primarily about two men, the women's roles were good (I think it passed the Bechdel test less than five minutes in), and the funny bits never felt tacked on.

After the movie we all planned to get Mexican food, but the restaurant had nearly an hour wait, so instead we went to Union Jack's. Under normal circumstances I would have said it was much too loud in there, but it was entertaining to be in a place with at least a dozen large screens while the Nationals, Capitols, and various basketball games were being played plus the Kentucky Derby was being run (I knew nothing about any horse in the race). We stopped at home so Adam could give something to Christine, then drove him back to College Park and now we're watching Bones.

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