May 13th, 2016

get critical

Poem for Friday and Brookside Wildlife

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Quickie this time because Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are on Colbert and I'm distracted. There were moments on Thursday when it actually looked like the sun might come out, though it only lasted for a few minutes at the time, and while I'll always take slightly cooler weather over hot and muggy, I am really missing the light. Otherwise it was an uneventful morning with a bunch of unexciting work and chores.

We needed to get cat litter, so I convinced Paul to go take a walk at Brookside Gardens first in case there were goslings (there were) and turtles, frogs, herons, etc. (yay)! Then we did some shopping, came home for dinner, and watched The 100 -- Pike can kill Kane now, I don't care -- and Orphan Black -- STOP IT, FELIX, AND COSIMA, YOU HAD BETTER NOT. Now Ryan is throwing a tantrum and storming off Colbert's set!

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