June 11th, 2016


Poem for Saturday, Darkling, Locust Grove

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I'm not sure exactly where Friday morning went, I was very disorganized for no good reason. Daniel had something good happen at work that I gather I'm not supposed to go around bragging about, but I want to acknowledge because I'm proud of and happy for him, and Adam is still working hard and apparently enjoying himself in Texas. I posted a review of Voyager's still-terrible "Darkling" and organized some photos.

Because the weather was so gorgeous (and is supposed to be beastly hot for the weekend), we went to Locust Grove to take a walk by the creek, where we saw a great blue heron fishing, new trees planted to prevent erosion, several people walking dogs, and the nearby new little farmer's market with fruit and honey. We had dinner with my parents, and after we came home, we watched Best in Show at Cheryl's suggestion!

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