June 16th, 2016


Poem for Thursday, Remember, Shenandoah Gardens

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I spent a lot of time on Tuesday getting very little done cleaning up Daniel's room for Maddy -- apart from the posters being off the walls and the floor being less cluttered with stuff younger son brought home from college, you can barely tell anything changed at all. Plus I watched the Voyager episode I need to review this week ("Rise" -- actually pretty good) and saw two bunnies when able to take a walk after the rain stopped.

Now that TV season is over, we watched Remember, the Christopher Plummer/Martin Landau Holocaust-survivor-with-dementia movie, which I thought would be depressing. It was not, at least not until afterward in retrospect; it was gripping, enraging, wonderfully acted, and truly shocking at the end. These photos are from Glen Burnie House's formal gardens, including a rose garden, statue garden, parterre garden, and vegetable garden:

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