June 28th, 2016


Poem for Tuesday and Richmond Metro Zoo

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Another quickie now that Paul and I are home from Richmond but did not arrive till 10 p.m., to find cats who claimed to be ravenous though our catsitter Rose had fed them so recently that they didn't even eat when we gave them food. We spent most of the day at the Richmond Metro Zoo with Cheryl and Kevin, where we got to feed giraffes and goats, take a skyride over the cheetahs and rhinos, take a tram through the African plains, and walk around so many monkey and lemur enclosures that I got sunburned despite sunblock.

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We ate lunch at the zoo, went out for ice cream late in the afternoon when we left, and collapsed at Cheryl's for a while before going out to dinner at Mexico with Kevin's wife Valeria and son Teddy as well as with Lin, whom we'd seen the day before at the museums. It was getting dark by the time we drove home and we got drizzled on a bit, but the predicted storm never arrived. We saw most of BrainDead and all of The Daily Show, which tried to make sense of Brexit and couldn't make it funny; now Colbert is doing the same with the Pope.