June 29th, 2016

green little review

Poem for Wednesday and Virginia Football Exhibit

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I spent nearly all of Tuesday doing chores and work because our niece Maddy is coming tomorrow evening and we had a huge amount of cleaning to do -- which will not be finished by the time she arrives, but we didn't want her to take one look at the room and burst into tears, nor did we want Daniel to disown us because we packed away his Nintendo DS games someplace he couldn't find them if he ever wanted them again. We still have an insane amount of clutter, but if we get rid of too much of that, the cats just jump on the shelves in the open space and start flinging the rest onto the floor, so we're waiting for Maddy to start piling her own stuff up!

Our cats got to climb into both a bedroom closet and the linen closet, where they're normally not allowed to go, so they had an entertaining afternoon. We had big thunderstorms in the evening, so I did not see any bunnies, though I saw two that live on exhibit in the zoo plus one who'd snuck into their enclosure on Monday in Richmond, so I can't complain. Here are some photos from the Pro Football Hall of Fame exhibit currently at the Virginia Historical Society, including Paul comparing his muscles to a tackle's, me comparing my thigh to a lineman's, both of us trying on shoulder pads, and some of the collectibles from the teams of my youth!

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