July 2nd, 2016


Poem for Saturday and Anniversary Card

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I had a very nice, very busy Friday! In the morning while Maddy got herself acclimated to east coast time, I finished a review of Voyager's "Before and After" and took care of some chores. Then I went shopping with her at the mall where she is in the process of applying for jobs -- if anyone knows of any retail openings in the Bethesda/Rockville area, please let us know -- and bought some glamorous Forever 21 jewelry plus things at the Bath & Body Works sale.

Since it was Paul's and my anniversary, we had a celebratory dinner with my parents. Adam's high school friends Maddy and Robert were heading downtown to an event at the Air & Space Museum and invited our Maddy to go with them, to which she agreed although she had never met them before. So we all had cake together when the friends came to pick her up, then they went downtown and we came home and watched some Bones! My card from Paul:

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