July 4th, 2016

little review

Poem for Monday and Hanover Visit

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On Sunday we took Maddy to visit her grandparents in Hanover and they took all of us out to the Lu Hibachi buffet for lunch, where I had teriyaki egg noodles again. She and I stopped at AC Moore, then we all went back to the house for blueberry pie that Paul made with the berries we picked on Saturday.

Here are photos of us Skyping with David's family in L.A. and with Adam and his roommate in Texas, plus my fortune cookie, a bunny and a fledgling bird that live right outside Clair and Cinda's house, us with family, and the 10th New York Cavalry monument beside Hanover Road approaching Gettysburg Battlefield:

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We spent the late afternoon talking to relatives on Skype and helping my in-laws with various things, then drove home and stopped at CVS for necessities. We were all still full from lunch so we nibbled on leftovers for dinner while we watched Bones, though Maddy was in and out talking to friends online upstairs.