July 7th, 2016

little review

Poem for Thursday and Home Stuff

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My house is still in chaos, I'm irritated at the news (FFS Louisiana) and I ran around a lot on Wednesday so I will keep this brief. Maddy had plans to go to a concert Wednesday night and needed to make a shopping trip for clothes and supplies -- she'd never taken the Metro before and didn't really know the neighborhood where the concert was held, so I was impressed with her independence, though I gather she took the bus all over to venues in L.A. I worked on my Voyager review (uggggh, "Real Life" -- should be titled "Life By Nicholas Sparks"), photographed a baby bunny, and spent a lovely post-dinner evening watching The Prestige with Christine, who is finally back from the beach. We missed the end of the Orioles' 14-inning victory over the Dodgers but we did see the end of the Portugal-Wales semifinal and the Murray and Federer matches at Wimbledon. Meanwhile, these people are very unhappy that the kitchen floor is not close to finished and so am I: