July 17th, 2016

get critical

Poem for Sunday, Ghostbusters, Kenilworth Aquatic Garden

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I had a quiet Saturday morning reading and uploading photos before going out in the afternoon to see Ghostbusters with Paul and Maddy plus Karen, Jim, Angela, Jack, and Lena. I was never obsessed with the first one, though I saw and enjoyed it several times, so I didn't go in with specific hopes or expectations and I really enjoyed the new one -- great cast, plenty of humor, nice girl power and female bonding though Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth really stole the show!

We all went to Tara Thai for dinner, then I stopped at Charming Charlie with Maddy because we hadn't had time to shop before the movie (plus I wanted to see the adolescent ducklings and goslings, not to mention the dozen or so Pokespots around Washingtonian Lake). We came home, watched some Bones (the one where Brennan realizes that Angela's sex advice makes her books sell), and Paul made brownies. Saturday was the actual date for Kenilworth Aquatic Garden's lotus festival:

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