July 19th, 2016

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Summer Garden

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Tuesday started out miserably hot and sticky. Maddy had a meeting at the Paul Mitchell school where she is likely to enroll to get certified as a cosmetologist, so I took her there to meet with the administrators about financial aid, then we stopped in a couple of stores that have been advertising for help wanted and went to Fresh Market and Subway to get food. The sky was darkening when we got home, and then, while I was taking a walk, it opened up for an hour of very hard rain and some thunder.

Afterward it was thankfully much cooler, though still pretty humid. I took another walk (to look for a rainbow, though I saw bunnies instead) and did laundry. We turned off the terrible Orioles-Yankees game and never even considered the Republican convention -- there's not enough alcohol in the world, even playing a drinking game -- to watch Bones. Hopefully Jon Stewart will help me sit through Colbert's coverage because I really want no more Trump on TV ever. From Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens:

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