August 3rd, 2016


Poem for Wednesday, The Singing Detective, Brookside Butterflies

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Tuesday wasn't all that exciting. Adam's friend Jamie came to visit to meet Maddy and pick up the cat cage she loaned us, back when the kittens were getting used to being in the house and we kept them confined in the living room so the other cats could get used to having them around. Plus she tried to explain the importance of Pokemon Go gym battles to me. I took Maddy to the mall so she could pick up necessities at Sephora and Lush (come on, hygiene is important).

We had veggie burgers for dinner, then Adam and I watched The Singing Detective (the movie, not the miniseries, which I've also never seen). It was both darker and happier in the end than I was expecting; RDJ was even more RDJ than usual; I didn't know Mel Gibson was in it and didn't recognize him for a while; I won't even talk about the women's roles so I don't rant. Instead have some photos of butterflies from the Wings of Fancy exhibit at Brookside this summer:

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