August 6th, 2016


Poem for Saturday, Scorpion, Olympics, Canal

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I had a busy, fun Friday! Alice had an appointment in Bethesda early in the morning, so she and Avery came over afterward, we played with the cats for a while, and went to lunch with myself and Maddy at the mall, where we all got different things in the food court while Avery caught Pokemon on my phone. We stopped in the AT&T store to see whether Maddy's phone could be repaired (now working on using the insurance), then came home and talked to Maddy's maternal grandparents for a bit before Alice had to go.

I posted a review of Voyager's always-bittersweet "Scorpion, Part I", then Adam (who went out to lunch with one of his friends) and I watched Eye in the Sky because he hadn't seen it. The cast is amazing but that movie gets harder to watch every time. We went to dinner at my parents' house, and now we're watching the Olympic opening ceremony, where the Chinese athletes had the nicest scarves and ties. Some spring animals and flowers from along the C&O Canal, pulled from the files:

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