August 9th, 2016

get critical

Poem for Tuesday, Olympics, Adventure Aquarium

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My Monday was a Monday, meaning laundry got done, work got started, chores got dealt with, and not a lot that was exciting happened except on TV where we had the Olympics on most of the day (go look up "NBC Olympics" pretty much anywhere if you want my opinion of the coverage itself). Apart from taking Maddy to and from the home where she's house- and cat-sitting, I didn't get out much.

Christine came over to see Adam in the evening, where after dinner we all watched some water polo, a lot of swimming, some volleyball -- indoor and beach -- and not nearly enough men's gymnastics (we already knew the result and were betting that if NBC were not Team USA-obsessed, we'd have seen a lot more at a decent hour). Some photos from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden yesterday:

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