August 20th, 2016

little review

Greetings from Home

Home, exhausted after getting up before 6 a.m. to see the sun rise over the Atlantic with Paul, both kids, Madeline, and Christine. When we left the hotel after washing off the sand, we went to Nicola's in Rehoboth Beach to bring home dinner for my parents and to get Thrasher's french fries for us, then we drove to the Salisbury Zoo, where we had a picnic lunch and went to see the animals.

Traffic wasn't terrible over the Bay Bridge but we didn't get home till nearly dinnertime, when we met up with my parents, who were also just back after visiting Nicole's family. We ate the Nic-o-bolis and tomatoes from Nicole's garden, came home to watch Usain Bolt and the women's 4x100, and played some more Machi Koro with the harbor expansion. Here are just a couple of photos (sunrise, capibara, family):

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