September 1st, 2016

green little review

Poem for Thursday, Young Frankenstein, Salisbury Zoo

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Wednesday was another work and chore day. I watched this week's Voyager episode, the odious "Day of Honor" (yes, I know Paris/Torres fans love it, but frankly it encapsulates everything I don't like about their relationship and it's also horribly written). Paul and I got haircuts while Maddy was shopping, then we all went to Giant and CVS.

Paul, Cheryl, and I continued our Gene Wilder marathon with Young Frankenstein, which I hadn't seen in years -- it's not my favorite Mel Brooks movie but it's probably my favorite Wilder performance in one and one of my favorite Teri Garr roles, too. From the Salisbury Zoo, some animals we saw when we stopped for lunch on the way home from the beach:

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