September 16th, 2016


Poem for Friday, College Park, Cats

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I know lately I've been brief blogging and tonight is no exception -- we had dinner at IKEA in College Park with Adam and Christine because we had to go pick up Adam's bike, which has an appointment for a tune-up at the store where it was bought near where we live. It was mostly an uneventful day otherwise: I took a walk in the much nicer temperatures than earlier in the week and I drove Maddy to get Starbucks, but mostly it was about work.

I did have a better day online, at least -- had a hilarious conversation with friends about some of the stupidest things being said by Trump supporters, worked on a project with a friend long-distance -- and visited my neighbor Carole, who gave me some Star Wars collectibles she was clearing out of her house. The late evening has been about the Jets-Bills game and the cats demanding attention alternately from all three of us! A few photos:

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