September 30th, 2016


Poem for Friday and Issaquah Fish Hatchery

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It rained all night and all day Thursday, which made it just as well that I had work and chores to do and was not distracted by beautiful fall weather outside. I had a late morning dentist appointment to get pneumonia sprayed into my lungs -- I mean, to get my teeth cleaned with one of those nightmarish newfangled water needles which make the cleaning a lot faster but leave me feeling like I almost drowned -- and I stopped at Michaels afterward because Halloween decorations are 50% off this week plus I had a one day coupon.

The rest of my afternoon involved work, a walk in the rain in a fruitless search for a Charmeleon, two rides to the mall to drop off and pick up Maddy who had some shopping to do and some friends from work to see, and arguing with my cat Effie about how much of my desk chair she is obligated to share because I can't type when she's taking up the entire thing. We waited for Maddy, so we ate dinner late, then we watched the Bengals beat the Dolphins (at least until we switched to The Daily Show). From our visit to the Issaquah Fish Hatchery:

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