October 2nd, 2016


Poem for Sunday and Seattle Aquarium

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Maddy had a work meeting from 7:30-9:30 a.m. and then had to work from 2-10 p.m., so we had kind of a drawn-out morning in between rides to the mall and back, catching up on household chores since before we went to Seattle. Then, when we left her at the mall again for the work shift, we went to Mom's Organic Market, AC Moore, and some other stops in Rockville.

It was not an eventful evening either, though the rain had finally stopped and our neighbors across the way were having (in fact after midnight are still having) a very loud party. After watching the Terps handily beat Purdue, we half-watched most of the Clemson game while doing various other things, then the season premiere of SNL. From the Seattle Aquarium:

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