October 4th, 2016


Poem for Tuesday, Will & Jane, The Greeks

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Extreme quickie as I ran late on everything on Monday but it was a very good day. Cheryl came up in the middle of the morning, we had brunch that Paul made together, then we went downtown with Paul and Maddy to the Folger Library to see Will & Jane: Shakespeare, Austen, and the Cult of Celebrity, the highlight of which is Colin Firth's (formerly) wet shirt from the BBC Pride and Prejudice -- you can see Susannah Harker's bonnet too -- though there are a lot of fun Shakespeare items including a playbill from a production of The Merchant of Venice that Austen saw, and many video clips of famous actors in films based on the writers' works.

From there we went to the superlative The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. Unfortunately we were in a parking spot that we had to vacate when rush hour started, because I could easily have stayed another hour (photos weren't allowed but I took one before I discovered that, of a Minoan labrys and ritual figurines). If you live anywhere near DC and can get there next weekend, do not miss this exhibit. We went to my parents' house for Rosh Hashanah dinner, where I ate way too much but the food was all awesome so I couldn't help myself. And we've just been watching the premiere of Timeless, which I quite liked!

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