October 6th, 2016


Poem for Thursday and Seattle Tidepools

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After a month's postponement due to enrollment issues, Maddy finally started cosmetology school on Wednesday. It was a chaotic day for her because she was determined to go to one of the coffee shops being transformed to celebrate the Gilmore Girls revival, so she got a friend from work to drive her to Silver Spring at 6 a.m. to a "Luke's Diner" pop-up, got her Netflix swag, and came home in time to be driven to class.

Most of my day not spent driving her to and from school and the mall where she had to pick things up involved work and laundry that is not yet folded, though I took two walks to enjoy the spectacular temperatures. We watched the pilot of Westworld, which is appropriately violent and Ed Harris is scary as crap and therefore superb. We also watched the Mets blow it to the Giants. From Constellation Park in Seattle:

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