October 14th, 2016


Poem for Friday and Pre-Boo at the Zoo

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I have had a really good but really full Thursday and I am now behind on absolutely everything! After a morning of getting work done and getting Madeline to school, I went downtown with Paul, who had half a day off, to the National Zoo to meet Annmarie and see the animals. The curators were setting up for Boo at the Zoo in a couple of weeks around Halloween, so we also got to see some of the decorations. Three of the four pandas were very active, as were the elephants, the sea lions, the orangutan with new baby, and most of the small mammals.

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We ate lunch at the zoo and dropped Annmarie off at the Metro before heading out of the city to pick up Maddy from school and drive to College Park to meet Adam for dinner and bring him some paperwork. We went to the excellent Indian restaurant Rasoi on Baltimore Avenue and shared vegetarian dishes. Then we drove home, dropped Maddy off at the mall so she could go to the movies with friends -- it was her only night off work this week -- and came home for this nail-biter of a Nationals-Dodgers game which has had many ups and downs and still has a lot of time left!