October 24th, 2016

get critical

Poem for Monday, Canal Locks and Homestead Farm

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We had gorgeous weather on Sunday, so despite important football games being on our television from early in the morning since the Giants were playing in London, I insisted that we got out and enjoy the fall day. We went to Riley's Lock, where there were turtles in the canal and Girl Scouts giving tours of the historic lockhouse, then we went to Homestead Farm to pick a pumpkin and see the goats and pigs enjoying the autumn. Finally we went to Violette's Lock for another view of the sun on the river.

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After Once Upon a Time, which seems to have Aladdin confused with Indiana Jones, we were going to watch Madam Secretary but CBS's schedule had been thrown off by the Patriots game so we watched Westworld when it aired instead (that's always a dilemma anyway, both shows are great). Then we watched Masters of Sex, which is always good but needs to stop dragging out the Bill-and-Virginia-can't-get-it-together melodrama (those two together was the emotional glue for the rest of the show).