November 2nd, 2016

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Lyrics for Wednesday and Canal in Autumn

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I ate way too much on Halloween and did not feel great on the morning after, but I got lots of exercise to make up for it since it was the last day of the Pokemon Go Halloween event and I've already walked Vulpix, Seel, Ivysaur, and Mankey until I could evolve them (my Magnemite still needs four candies to evolve). It was a lovely cool day, and after work and laundry, Paul and I went to take a walk along the C&O Canal from Lock 8-10. I didn't realize until just before we left that I'd inadvertently changed my camera settings, so nearly every photo I took had a filter (I'm not even sure which one!), but they came out kind of interestingly watercolor-y on this overcast fall day so I kept them:

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We caught up on Once Upon a Time while I was folding laundry (this whole season would be annoying me with its rushed stories and abruptly dropped in people from characters' pasts who vanish just as quickly, but we get double Regina every week so all is forgiven). We missed Supergirl on Halloween and we're a week behind on The Flash so there was no point in watching this week, and we skipped Agents of SHIELD too to watch the World Series -- usually my teams play better if I don't watch them but the Cubs acquitted themselves very well, so we're going to miss more shows this week for baseball! It's supposed to get ridiculously warm as the week goes on...