November 8th, 2016

little review

Poem for Tuesday and FDR Memorial

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Monday was as nice a day, at least in terms of the weather, as Sunday. We had work to do in the morning, then at lunchtime we went to take a walk at Tilden Woods Stream Valley Park, which goes under Montrose Parkway along the creek and I may or may not have discovered because of a Pokestop. We also had to stop at Giant and CVS, which may or may not have had Halloween LED lights on sale 75% off.

We caught up on Madam Secretary (which I always love) and Masters of Sex (I wish they'd stop vilifying Nancy for being smart and unconventional, they did not need to turn her into the Bitch of Life), plus we watched Supergirl (go Alex and go Lena) and the SNL recap of their election coverage. I'm petrified about tomorrow so here are photos by request of the FDR Memorial and its progressive waterfalls:

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