November 27th, 2016

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Visiting Relatives

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On Saturday we picked up my parents and drove up to Paul's parents' house in Hanover, though Maddy couldn't come because she had to work just after noon. We went to the Hibachi Buffet for lunch, then we went back to Clair and Cinda's house and watched the Michigan-Ohio State game, which was great until the second overtime. Maryland beat Rutgers, which I cared about more!

We drove home through a lovely sunset, dropped off my parents, stopped at the food store, then came home, where Adam's girlfriend met us and we all played Machi Koro, taking a break to retrieve Maddy and check out the score of the Florida-Florida State game. Now Adam is interviewing Daniel about working at Amazon for a class on leadership. A few pics from our day:

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