December 18th, 2016

get critical

Poem for Sunday, Ice Storm, The Man in the High Castle

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We woke to freezing rain and sleet that crusted over the steps and sidewalks, making it treacherous even to walk outside to take photos. My father gave me his old computer yesterday, so I spent most of the day indoors setting it up, installing programs and transferring files while we half-watched the first of the endless bowl games. The computer is still downloading files and is of great interest to the cats.

Maddy was supposed to fly out in the very early hours to L.A., and her plan was to leave straight from work, since she was scheduled till 2 a.m. We took her to CVS and then to the mall for some shopping and Starbucks, but her flight was delayed till tomorrow, so she will sleep here for a few hours tonight! Our entire night has consisted of The Man in the High Castle, from which I cannot tear myself away!

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