December 21st, 2016

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, Rogue One, VMFA Faberge

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I had a busy Tuesday with lots of chores because my kids are both coming on Wednesday -- Adam in the afternoon when we pick him up from College Park, and Daniel when his flight gets in at night! So I had laundries and cleaning, plus my new glasses arrived, so I went to the eye doctor to get them fitted to my face. And I made a brief list of things I loved about Rogue One Collapse )

I also have to squee briefly about the POTC and Logan trailers, though the latter looks like it's going to be horribly sad. We had dinner late tonight because we got haircuts and did some shopping, then we watched most of the Boca Raton Bowl and caught up on Timeless (decent, but no Man in the High Castle). The eggs from the VMFA's new, much larger Faberge permanent exhibit:

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